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New audio submission

2010-10-26 23:07:21 by Cheesio15

Check it out below and comment.

Currently inactive.

2010-10-19 23:36:26 by Cheesio15

Yeah, so right now, since I haven't been doing anything worthwhile lately, I'm officially announcing that I won't keep really dated crap on my news post section of my home page. This is just to say, "I am doing absolutely nothing productive, so watch out!"

First art submission!

2010-02-16 21:48:20 by Cheesio15

Finally, after however long I've been on here, I've decided to submit something to the art section of Newgrounds! I'm fairly excited, as you may be able to tell. Please, if you're reading this, check out my art and tell me what you think!

I have returned!

2010-02-10 19:02:46 by Cheesio15

For those who care, I've returned after a long break from Newgrounds. I haven't been on in a while 'cause my Dad recently installed a new web filter program on my computer, which kept me from coming to the site. Eventually, I managed to convince him to make Newgrounds visitable, and to celebrate I restocked my account image arsenal. Hope you all like!

NOOO! MY FILES!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-05-13 18:00:20 by Cheesio15

You know what stinks? When your external hard drive that happens to have all your music files/ programs wipes itself cleaner than Cpt. Picard's bald head. I know form experience. >:(

Audio, not Flash

2009-04-26 19:57:04 by Cheesio15

I think my "true calling" lies in music, not Flash. I'm going to be making more audio portal submissions over the next couple weeks, so does anyone have a request? Anyone?


2009-03-26 17:03:49 by Cheesio15

I've decided to stop working with sprites. It's just too complicated!!! anyone out there feel the same way?

It's ready

2009-03-25 10:22:45 by Cheesio15

My new Flash, The Battle Begins, is finished. If it passes judgement, I will be pretty surprised!

(about an hour later): yup, it's blammed. I'm not surprised. does anyone out there know how to assign sound to your movies?

Flash Demo

2009-03-25 09:21:11 by Cheesio15

Well, I have downloaded the demo for Flash, and I am working on a project to abolish my poor reputation, caused by my initial "Flash". I hope you like it, should be done some time today.


2009-03-19 19:11:16 by Cheesio15

OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!!!!!! I just got a new computer!!!!! EES AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, sorry about that. Just had to let it out.